Monday, June 8, 2009

Finn jumps

Well, sort of jumps, as the "jump" was about 8" high. But, he cleverly and carefully trotted through trotting poles and had no issues about going over the jump (he just didn't really think it was necessary to jump). We also got in some nice canter work (steering at the canter needs work, at one point two or three feet went up onto the railroad tie around the ring, but he was totally unphased by that). The bending and staying on the bit is improving, still not consistent, but as often as not. We actually saw a little spook out of him as all three big dogs were racing around like maniacs (which he kept an eye on, but wasn't too bothered by) and when one actually jumped into the creek, the splash resulted in about a 3 step skitter, really seriously spooking is probably just too much work. Sunday was also beauty shop day, so he got trimmed up and had braids put into his mane to get it even more trained over to the side. I hear this is a Missy pet peeve (along with the brass polishing). The rest of the weekend, I spent volunteering at Plantation. Dressage scribing for the recognized on Saturday and XC starting for the starter on Sunday, with Denis' very cool, optimum time divisions at training and novice on Sunday. No watch allowed. If you are within the optimum time plus/minus 5 seconds, no penalty. More above or below incurred 1 penalty point per second. People did quite well and it is a great skill. JYOP dressage on Saturday was a bit disappointing. I always think of the young riders as being really good, but this group didn't seem to have it that together. One test actually received 3 zeros, which I've certainly never seen before (nor ever received, thank goodness). More riding coming up, along with running in preparation for Seattle

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