Thursday, June 25, 2009

In and Out

Because Finn jumped his first one stride on Tuesday and the squirrels on campus are dumpster diving all the trash cans and you see them popping in and out as you walk across campus. Tuesday, we did the little one stride for the first time and he was good, though very wiggly much of the time. He has a bit of a tendency to stall, though today, when we repeated the exercise (and the fences may actually have been 2' high), he discovered his "go" button and seemed to be having some fun. He can also canter a circle now, which means he is on his way to being ready to go to his first event. He remains quiet to the point of laziness, but is willing to try pretty much anything. He tends to step *on* things like rails on the ground and curbs, because stepping over them is apparently either, 1) too much work, 2) really uncessary, or 3) both in his world. Heading out tomorrow for the 1/2 marathon in Seattle, then 5 days at the Rocking C's ranch in Montana. Yeah!

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