Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little bit rock and roll

Successfully completed the full marathon on Sunday. Yeah!! Glad the remainder of the planned runs are 1/2 marathons (although sketching plans to run my 10th full marathon in 2010 and a 50k for my 50th birthday year in 2013). Jenna asked me what I think about when running a marathon. My reply
Plans for work, plans for horses, plans for birthday presents for those with
upcoming b-days, stuff triggered by the songs played by the bands. Some
chat with the other runners, how long until the next water stop, mile
marker, what pace am I on now? Must people continously lie about THIS ONE
being the last hill on the course, when in fact there are several more... I
manage to keep busy :)
It was a good day. As planned, I ran the first half at my usual slow pace and then the second half one minute per mile slower, but was quite comfortable through the whole thing and not particulary sore yesterday or today.

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