Friday, May 2, 2008

Recovery is slow and frustrating

It is now a week since the fall. To add insult to injury, I've gotten a cold, something that rarely happens to me. This adds to the overall tired and rundown feeling. I did walk to work this afternoon - after sleeping until noon. The mile took 32 minutes rather than the usual 14 or so, but so far it doesn't seem to have had any negative effects on the pain. My face is also feeling more normal, still a few bruised and swollen bits, but definitely on the mend. The wrist has never really hurt. I had a cast for 24 hours, then switched to a brace (which can be taken off to shower). I have full use of all my fingers, so other than the awkwardness, no big deal. The back/hip is still the major issue. Read and interesting story about a wakeboarder who broke multiple transverse processes here My physician friend Liza Green (who is a rehab doc) was also able to provide information, mostly based on her personal experience with a transverse process fracture, not her medical training. I've a feeling it is going to be a long spring. I probably need to figure out some interesting sedentary hobby, especially once the NBA playoffs end and there is only baseball. Of course, there is Arena Football and the WNBA, so maybe not so bad after all. If anyone cares to share tips about speeding bone healing, post here. So far, I'm on the arnica, ben gay patches, advil, tylenol, red wine plan.

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