Thursday, May 8, 2008

what a difference a week makes

There is probably light at the end of the tunnel. I walked home from work yesterday and it wasn't too bad. The bruising on the face is almost, but not quite gone. I'm probably going to need to make a dental appt. I'm used to spending quality time with docs doing research, not being a patient! The weather is really nice, so that is a bonus, not that I'm getting out much. Was up in Toronto at ISPOR and rested a lot, which probably helped. Didn't really leave the hotel, except for a couple of good "Henry" dinners. Susie says Keebler is behaving reasonably, which is good to hear. I'm looking forward to getting back to riding, probably around June 1, depending on if the wrist is fully healed and how the back feels. Only have major pain occassionally now, mostly very achy, stiff and don't feel I have access to full range of motion. I am going to try walking on the elliptical machine and/or a little stationary bike this weekend, good excuse to go to the gym and sit in the hot tub. Jersey Fresh is happening and I'm sad I'm not there volunteering as planned, but I would be totally worthless anyway. Plan to get back to volunteering next week at Fair Hill.

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