Thursday, May 15, 2008

the best laid plans....

What is it they say? No volunteering at Fair Hill this week as I'll be heading to the Zoo (that's Kalamazoo for those of you from less interestingly named places). My dad had an emergent triple bypass surgery yesterday. It was pretty scary for a while, but he seems more stable now. I'll be there tomorrow through Monday and then next week Sunday and Monday also. I continue to feel better, though still don't feel that I can push beyond walking. Walking feels pretty normal and other than brace on my hand, most external signs of injury probably gone. Great dinner at Sola in Bryn Mawr last night with Henry, his brother and his uncle, who came in from Florida to visit Elmer. Definitely add it to your preferred BYOB lists. It even gets the Henry stamp of approval. Keebler got to jump yesterday, so I'm sure he's feeling better about life. Thanks to all of your for your support and kind thoughts as the universe chooses this month to pile on.

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