Monday, January 17, 2011

Wait, I can't possibly own 5 horses

I originally posted this on the Chronicle of the horse Forums, so you may have seen it there, but thought it worth publishing here as well.
So, how did this happen:

In Michigan, where board was less expensive and I could work off some of it, I had many horses, but when I moved to Philadelphia I started shedding them and sold all but the competition horse, Gizmo. As of August 2003, 1 horse.

August 2004, sell Gizmo to Veronique St. Maurice who goes on to do great things with him and in November 2004, get To Be Announced, an OTTB from Maple Shade Farm.

September 2006, Tobe injured. Have surgery done, rehab and place in a lease home (I still own him, but he is fully leased)

Dec 2006, buy the spotted menace, Keebler (now I have two).

December 2008, after a successful season at training level, Keebler was sick, recovered, but needed to rehab somewhere with more turnout. Sent him down to Debi Crowley where his rehab could also include lots of turnout.

March 2009, fall in love with and buy another OTTB from Maple Shade Farm, this one a Fingerlakes Finest, Finn (now I have 3).

November 2009, Keebler goes to Lynn in Michigan on lease.
January 2010, realize Finn does not want to be an eventer.

March 2010, leave Finn in Florida with Hilda at Ashmore Equestrian Center to be sold as a hunter, buy Tag, the warmblood muttly pony (bred to drive, but very cute - so now I have 4)

Ride Tag. Crappy economy, no Finn sale.

January 2010, find out that Gizmo now 19 needs a new home, so I buy him (now I have 5). He is leased to one of Cyndi Kurth's students - all is good.

But somehow, I have 5 horses when I really only mean to have one. It is clearly an addiction.

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