Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow, Tag is a dressage horse

I am spending the weekend at Debi Crowley's place, The downside is that it isn't much warmer here than at home (well, maybe a bit - high today is meant to be 38). I rode Tag yesterday after watching Debi ride him. With Debi on him, he looks totally like a dressage horse. Still obviously a bit green, but really moving forward, on the aids and tracking up at both the walk and trot and smooth and rhythmic and mostly on the aids at the canter. I had a lesson on him and he was really good for me too. I am so excited. I will be doing another lesson with Debi this afternoon, then riding him with Wolfgang Scherzer, who is here doing a clinic all weekend, so I'm getting to watch some nice riding as well.

The plan for this afternoon precedes the riding with a 9 mile long run, and I am truly thankful for the temperature difference, as 34 degrees versus 21 degrees (at the time I'm planning to run) will make a pretty big difference.

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