Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sally rocks Full Gallop and Tag jumps more

Sally was riding 3 intermediate horses at Full Gallop today. To write the end first, in case readers are only interested in the bottom line, she finished first, second and third. The Sally Cousins eventing team is quite a macine behind the scenes. Three horses meant 9 rides in a space of 3 hours and 12 minutes. Psychology qustion for the day- does one experince and/ or tolerate the cold differently when in the south where it is meant to be warm? It was cold, 28 degrees and dark when we arrived. It warmed up to mid-40s and sunny over the 5 hours we were on grounds.

We were back at the farm by 12:30 and I had another little jumping lesson on Tag. He was very good and bravely jumped the little gate. I can feel all the scope in there. Luckily, he is very quiet about the whole thing, though his engine definitely clicked more firmly into gear once we stareted jumping. I am excited to see what Sally does wiyh him over the next two weeks and psyched that the philly weather forecast is quite good.

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