Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sporting Days and Tag arrives in Aiken

Various impressions of the day are in order, not a chronologic recounting. Chilly and rainy on and off. It seemed that every time, the rain stopped, the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped.

One of the dressage judges got the plan confused and did not arrive this morning. Doug Payne arranged his rides on his seven (yes, really) horses to step in and judge two divisions. Go eventers!

Best volunteer of the day was 7 year old Mia, our stadium score runner, who showed up about two horses before the end of the sheet through the entire day, never slacking, always cheerful. By afternoon, she was hanging out with us and doing the judging. Good at it too.

It was great to see Betsy and Jeff Minton. Betsy was my scribe for the bulk of the day and Jeff did a stellar job as stadium announcer. Looking forward to being able to hang out with them a some more during the Aiken adventures.

Ted Curtis stepped in after Texas snowpocalypse cancelled Tag's ride to Aiken. He is a private pro hauler. Apparently, it was snowing moderately hard in Alabama this morning, but he said it let up soon after leaving the farm. Ted was very complimentary of Tag's behavior and demeanor. Said he marched right onto the trailer like he did it every day (he has not been on a trailer for 3 months) and was perfefectly quiet in the back. They got to Sally's place a bit before I did and when I arrived Tag was happily sttled in a stall munching some hay. I am looking forward to riding him tomorrow. We will see how ADD he is out in a field instead of a dressage arena or indoor. Time to be an event horse

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