Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tag jumps

Not that Tag hasn't jumped before, but we have not jumped together for over three months and I haven't jumped at all for almost two months. We had a little jump lesson with Sally. Other than a touch of excess exuberance after the first jump, he was very good, quiet and well behaved, though mostly just trotting over the little exercise. More tomorrow after Sally does her gang at Full Gallop, finishing all 3 phases befor 11am.

On the non-horse front, if you want to start a business, consider a fitness center in Aiken. The Gold's Gym is absolutely packed. 60 people in Zumba and over twenty in the 5:45 am classes. It could be just some combination of the new year's resolution crowd and winter folk, but if at all consistent, Aiken could really use another gym

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