Friday, March 4, 2011

As time goes by

It seems that it takes me longer to start eventing my greenies and that I start at lower levels and progress less quickly. It's not like I started as a crazy kid. We're referring to the last 14 years here. Perhaps it is a misperception on my part. So Tempo, puchased August 1997. First event, unrecogognized bn May 1998, first training level October 1998, so 9 months to first event and 5 months first event to first training level. Sold December 1999. Gizmo, purchased April 1999, first event novice at khp July 1999, first training october 1999. 3 months to first event and 3 more months to first traing level. First prelim 10 months later. Tobe, bought November 2004. First event unrecognized bn July 2005, first training March 2006. 8months to first event, another 8 to first training level. Keebler, bought November 2006, first event unrecognized bn July 2007, same 8 months, then first training November 2007, 4 months later. Finn, bought April 2009. First event entry level February 2010. 10 months and he made it clear he wasn't moving up. Tag purchased April 2011, first event at entry scheduled March 2011. 11 months and we'll see how he does. Looking at the pattern, I think it is based on the horses and the availability of xc schooling. Hopefully Tag will figure it out quickly. I'm ready for the fun of moving my own youngster up through the levels again

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