Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eventing Nation

Eventing Nation is a recent addiction and not quite as consuming a one as the COTH forums, so I didn't know my little story had been posted (http://useventing.com/blog/?p=14556) until Cyndi Kurth let me know about it. They even referenced this blog.

The weekend did not go as planned as Tag began a bolting behavior on Friday. Mmmm...not good. We started him on Omeprazole and then Sally wondered if he might be getting his tongue over the bit or caught in some other way that scared him, so Sunday, I lunged him and tightened his flash two more holes during the process (it had been fairly loose). This made a huge difference. No fidgeting with his head and excellent behavior through the ride. Lunging, tightening and a jumping lesson on Monday morning provided the same excellent results. We will continue the Omeprazole as it may be the reason he is playing with his tongue/mouth more is related to tummy issues and it probably can't hurt (other than my wallet). Horse training has a definite component of detective work or foreign language psychology or something in it. It would be nice if they could just talk!

Looking forward to progress as we have our last two weeks in Aiken.

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