Friday, March 25, 2011

The world is small

I think we all know this. And with the internet and associated Skype, Facebook, etc. It seems ever smaller - in a good way. I have had several small world events in my life and thought I would share a couple. The most recent came in Aiken, where one of the tack vendors at Sporting Days had a lovely border terrier named Wesley. She used to breed them, has recently relocated from Nebraska to Aiken and (the small world bit) knows my University of Pennsylvania officemate, Helen McDermott, also a border terrier breeder.

After I bought Tag, I "friended" Sterling Graburn on facebook. I was posting a little note on his wall and noticed a post from my friend Jenna, so I texted to find out how she knows Sterling. Turns out they went to high school together.

And the one that started my collection happened in 1991. The internet was moderately new, but I had been using email for a few years. I was emailing my friend Bill Minarik who was in geology grad school at RPI. I asked the computer room (remember we are essentially pre pc here so using terminals in a common room) at large, is Rensselar One of my classmates, hailing from ouside Montreal said, "yes. Who do you know there". When I told her she asked me to ask him if he knew her cousin, Nathalie, who was doing a masters's degree in geology there and if so, could he tell her cousin that Josee needed her mailing address. I added the note to my message and when Bill wrote back a couple of days later, his message ended "Nathalie's address is the same as mine. She is the new woman in my life I was telling you about". Bill and Nathalie have since married.

What reminds you that the world is small?

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