Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So much for Plan A

This happens a lot in the horse life and not so infrequently in the rest of life. We make plans, the universe laughs, sometimes moderately, sometime rolling on the ground. This spring is feeling a bit like the latter. The original plan, head to Aiken, get my brave and easy guy out xc schooling, do a couple of little events with probably decent dressage scores for a change, head to California for a long weekend, run the first half marathon of the season.

Yeah, well. Brave and easy guy has developed an odd bolting behavior. We're thinking it is not just naughtiness as it happens unpredictably and he seems almost as upset by it as we are. The vet will be coming out to look at him next week to see if we might be able to diagnose something tangible. And after 30 years of running completely injury free, I believe I have a stress fracture (tibia). Won't have a definitive diagnosis for me until I see the sports medicine guy next week, but after 30 years of running and sharing running stories, I'd be a bit surprised if I am wrong. Wish figuring out the horse was as easy.

Plan B, work with the trainer and the vet, put competition plans on hold. Put running plans on hold and work on the swimming and lifting (well, I've been wanting to get back to more serious lifting so here is the opportunity) and see how the spring develops. I think I'll put some more energy into planning my book. It seems less subject to the whims of the laughing universe.

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